• ebay Motors wished to drive revenue and delight customers through identifying customers and visitors on the ebay Motors web portal providing a focused, customized user experience and driving conversion – cross and upsell.
  • The project was delivered ahead of schedule and budget and reignited revenue growth from 25% YoY to a healthy 35% YoY.

Business Problem

  • ebay Motors revenue growth while strong was beginning to flatten out. Customers were reporting frustration with search and navigation on the site. Abandonment rates were beginning to rise in a curve inversely proportionate to the flattening revenue growth.

Business Solution

  • A data mart was constructed to hold customer behavior over the last six months
  • Algorithms were developed to analyze and determine the profiles for browsing that led to the highest abandonment rate and highest conversion rates.
  • These included MCA-AMS, MCA-ADC; ROI on A-B-C testing, ROI on Paid Search, ROI on Retargeted Advertising.
  • The website was comprehensively redesigned to reduce those paths that led to abandonment and drive behaviors towards conversion and to provide relevant content and advertising.
  • Campaign Management ecosystem was redesigned to optimize for ROI and Agility

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