June 6, 2016


Custom eLearning

If you are looking for a unique eLearning solution tailored for your learner’s specific needs, our custom eLearning services can help you fulfill your requirements.

Under our eLearning services we help organizations to identify their eLearning needs, create strategy, identify solutions, create story boards, develop content with the help of a subject matter expert and develop the eLearning courses. Our eLearning services are a one stop solution for all your eLearning needs.

Our multi-skilled team consists of Instructional Designers, Content Writers, Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Animators and Software Engineers and is capable to develop any level of interactivity in eLearning courses. Our bespoke solutions are tailored to be engaging, interactive and visually appealing so your learners can absorb more knowledge and retain the knowledge.


Rapid Authoring

For organizations that are looking to quickly transition to eLearning, we offer Rapid Authoring Services. Using our Rapid Authoring Services you can take your organization’s learning initiatives to the next level with minimum investment in time and money.

With this service we can help organizations to convert their any existing training material into interactive eLearning courses. Whether you have PowerPoint presentations or PDF manuals – we use this material to quickly convert it into interactive eLearning using various Rapid Authoring tools. We have a dedicated Rapid Authoring team that can work on any Rapid Authoring tool of your choice.

Course Library

With our experience of creating courses for organizations across the globe, we have created a proprietary off-the-shelf content library.

This course library has been developed by our panel of subject matter experts with the help of our Instructional Designers making these courses highly effective.

These ready-made courses can help you quickly add new courses to your existing eLearning offerings or quick-start eLearning initiatives in your organization.

Consulting and Advisory

We believe that for our clients, LMS deployment is a strategic investment and it cannot be treated as another creation in the IT structure. While most organizations agree unanimously on the benefits of eLearning, they are also aware of the extensive planning it requires and are often overwhelmed by it. At this stage of planning and preparing we provide support to our clients.

Pre-Implementation Consulting

At the pre-implementation stage, we can assist you in assessing the skill-gap of the learner base, what are the available courses for the learner group and what kind of courses would best suit the learner. We also assist you on technical aspects of LMS implementation like hardware requirements and the best suited software. On the level of logistics, we assist in coordinating between different stakeholders. We also extend our expertise to get buy-in from all concerned departments. Concerns of available budgets and time-schedules are managed –all with a non-wavering eye on the quality of eLearning provided.

Post-implementation Consulting

At the post-implementation stage, we continue our efforts to improve the efficacy by developing organization-specific strategies of communication and marketing to ensure that maximum learners are touched by the system and eventually benefit from it. Once the courses start, we ensure that user-feedback is gathered and directed into making the system better for the learners. Our constants aim to increase the effectiveness of the system and bring about a state of customer-delight.