June 6, 2016

ODIN Learning

Venturesoft Global has implemented an eLearning delivery platform, to deliver high quality skill enhancement courses to students.

The platform allows students to enroll in courses of their choice and complete the course requirements anytime, anywhere over Internet.

The instructor also can use multimedia enabled courseware so that concepts and details of the subject matter can be explained lucidly and precisely.

The major benefits of the system are skill enhancement and skill assessment. The skill assessment module is inbuilt and provides instantaneous feedback to students.

ODIN Learning is an online education company set up to provide a complete education. We provide courses that are not just limited to academics but also cover other topics which help the learner to better himself/herself overall . A wide range of subjects/courses on health, sports, career building, goal setting, leadership, finance, etc are available to those who wish to learn and advance or improve their knowledge.

You can browse through the courses shown, and if you like what you see, just click to purchase or register for the course.

Features of ODIN Learning

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Purchase and Enroll into any desired course from the course shop Courses are designed and developed with easy to use modules Courses contain assessment consisting of Essay type, MCQs, Matching and T/F type questions to test the student before the end of the course