June 5, 2016

Project Approach

We realize that the success of any Project in the current business environment depends on a number of key elements, namely:

  • A clear understanding of business requirements, objectives and benefits
  • The most appropriate selection of software and hardware platforms
  • Integration with and use of any existing IT infrastructure (hardware & software)
  • Ease of knowledge management and sharing with internal and external partners
  • Ability to maintain the system, determined by its architecture and framework
  • Scalability and reliability of the system with thorough testing methods
  • Issue, Risk identification, Control and Management
  • Application of a practical and useable Quality Management System (QMS)


VentureSoft Global sees Project Planning as the most crucial phase of each project. A Project Plan is produced based on the client’s business and technical requirements and generally contains the following:

  • Project Schedule noting deliverable schedules, milestones and resources
  • Identification of Roles and Responsibilities, Review and Reporting Procedures
  • Issues & Risk Management and Change Control Procedures
  • Development Methodology, Standards and Environment Setup.


VentureSoft Global ensures successful delivery of a project on time and within budget. The designated Project Manager (PM) normally ensures the following:

  • Effective Planning, Tracking and Control.
  • Effective Scope and Requirements Change Control
  • Effective Issue and Risk Management

The PM provides the prime interface between Venturesoft Global and the Client for the project delivery.The PM is guided by a number of plans and procedures, developed by Venturesoft Global,based on previous project experiences. Planning activities will take place throughout the project life cycle with plans monitored regularly and updated.In addition, Project Progress Reports (PPR) are produced and submitted to the client at frequency agreed with the client.

Review and Reporting

Review and Reporting: Project progress and issues are regularly reviewed in accordance with the Project Plan produced at the planning stage. The Review and Reporting process is established and agreed with a client at the on-set of a project.

Issues and Risk Management

The primary concern is cost, schedule and accurate understanding of Client’s requirements and expectations and will be the responsibility of the Project Manager. Potential risks are identified as early as possible and notified to all concerned. Each known risk is prioritized and assessed and its potential impact is quantified and documented. Issues and Risks are recorded and tracked via a register. The exact details for resolution and turnaround times are mutually agreed with a client.

Change Control

At the on-set of any project, change control procedure is formalized and agreed with a client. Change Control Procedure includes:

  • Provides a mechanism for accepting changes that improve the overall system.
  • Facilitate changes to the system during their initial formative development while avoiding unnecessary overhead or formality.
  • Provides revision control and backup safety for system during their formative development.
  • Allows for formal acceptance (approval) of system after initial formative development has been completed.
  • Facilitates efficient changes to system after initial acceptance.
  • Allow all parties materially affected by proposed changes to accepted system to assess the resource, schedule, and/or product impact of the changes.
  • Allows changes to accepted system to be proposed and evaluated, schedule and quality impact assessed, and approved or rejected into the system in a controlled manner.
  • Notifies interested parties on the periphery of development regarding change proposals, their assessed impact, and whether the changes were approved or rejected.
  • Provides an historic trail development of system, including all proposed changes.

Change Control ensures that once an element is published or released as a configuration item, no changes are made to it subsequently unless formally evaluated and accepted by the Project Manager and/or the client. All agreed changes are documented and circulated to all affected parties.

Development Process

We realize the importance of having a robust development methodology that works on real world and complex projects.

Venturesoft Global uses such a methodology that allows us to get projects off the ground quickly (even in many cases starting at pre-sales stage) and then proceed on a predictable, low risk path for high quality results. Venturesoft Global Development methodology is based on Rational Unified Process (RUP) tweaked to reflect our past experiences on projects. The end result is cost and time benefits to our customers.

Our Development Process begins before the actual project begins. We are committed to your success from our first contact. We work with key decision makers to understand your needs, problems and business vision. To ensure that our services will support your e-business initiatives, we align with your business needs. Our processes help to ensure that there are no hidden surprises except that the solution is on time and within budget.

Development Environment

Our capability to set-up and configure a dedicated development environment for any specific client project to be developed from our base. This approach:

  • Ensures efficient development and security against data loss
  • Allows users to remote test and Standardizes on use of tools by developers

Skills Transfer and Mentoring

We believe this to be an important part of our engagements. We place a great emphasis on transferring skills to our clients and business partners. Our partnerships and client relations always involve a two-way transfer of expertise where in many instances our client’s business domain knowledge combined with the breadth and depth of our technical knowledge and experiences has resulted in mutual benefit to the relation.

Our Managers have worked side by side with clients’ development teams on many projects. We have mentored and transferred skills to empower the client team to further develop the systems independently and to provide support for the system during live operation.