• Wished to drive revenue through insightful customer segmentation and omni-channel marketing
  • Very active in designing marketing campaigns and market segmentation, but had poor visibility into the ROI of those campaigns and segments
  • The project was delivered ahead of schedule and budget and reignited revenue growth from 8% YoY to a significant 20% YoY

Business Problem

  • revenue growth was flattening even as the overall eCommerce market was showing growth. Marketing required multi-channel insight, segmentation and management.
  • Business leaders were frustrated at their lack of visibility into marketing campaign effectiveness, spend and ROI.

Business Solution

  • A data mart was constructed to hold six months worth of customer behavior and detailed data on marketing campaigns and segmentation
  • Algorithms were developed to analyze and determine the profiles for click-to-site and browsing that led to the highest abandonment rate and highest conversion rates. In addition, analytics were developed for visibility into key KPIs for Marketing Campaigns.
  • Reports and Dashboards were built for: Revenue vs. expected from Display SEO, Paid, Affiliates, email (DR). Reports included cost and ROI for campaign management.

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